KENWOOD TK-3207G UHF FM Portable Radios

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KENWOOD’s compact TK-3207G transceiver, based on a proven design, represents ergonomic excellence. Pick one up and you’ll immediately appreciate how easy it is to use. Powerful too, offering priority scan, built-in VOX, a voice scrambler and numerous other features. Plus you can count on reliable performance in all conditions, thanks to MIL-STD 810 & IP54/55 weatherproofing. Indoors or out, rain or shine, the smart new TK-3207G is a star performer!


Frequency Range Type 6 350-370MHz
Number of Channels 16
Channel Spacing Wide/Narrow 25kHz/12.5kHz
Channel Step 5, 6.25kHz
Operating Voltage 7.5V DC±20%
Battery Life (5-5-90 duty cycle with battery saver off) with KNB-29N (1500mAh) Approx. 14 hours
Operating Temperature Range -30°C ~ +60°C
-10°C ~ +60°C when KNB-29N in use
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm (-30°C ~ +60°C)
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Channel Frequency Spread Type 6 20MHz
Dimensions (W x H x D),
Projections not Included
Radio Only 54 x 122 x 21.1 mm
with KNB-29N 54 x 122 x 33 mm
Weight (net) Radio Only 160g
with KNB-29N 360g
RECEIVER (Measurements made per TIA/EIA-603)
Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) Wide/Narrow 0.25µV/0.28µV
Selectivity Wide/Narrow 70dB/60dB
Intermodulation Distortion Wide/Narrow 65dB/60dB
Spurious Response 60dB
Audio Output 500mW with less than 10% distortion
TRANSMITTER (Measurements made per TIA/EIA-603)
RF Power Output High/Low 4W/1W
Spurious Response 65dB
Modulation Wide/Narrow 16KOF3E/11KOF3E
FM Noise Wide/Narrow 45/40dB
Audio Distortion Less than 5%


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