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Motorola Solutions APX Series P25 Two-Way Radios

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Motorola CDR 700


Motorola DP4801 EX

Connect Plus Digital Trunking MOTOTRBO System


MOTOTRBO™ SLR 8000 Repeater

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Motorola walkie talkie XIRP8668i






MOTOLINK, MT203, 245-246MHz SBR with 128 Channels

KST-245 Walkie Talkie License

Motorola GP-328 Two Way Radio

Walkie Talkie Price in Bangladesh

Motorola GP3688 Two Way Radio

Motorola GP-340plus Long Distance Frequency Walkie-Talkie

MOTOROLA GP-1000 Long Range Walkie Talkie

Baofeng BF-UVB2 Plus 6km 128Channel Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

Baofeng BF-T1 16 Channel Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

Baofeng BF-999S 16 Channel Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

Motocom Handheld SBR Two-Way Walkie Talkie Radio MC-300

Motorola GP-340plus Two Way Radio Walkie-Talkie

Motoplus Walkie Talkie GT02

Motoplus Walkie Talkie TC248

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Motoplus Walkie Talkie TC324

Motocom MC-700 Two-Way Radio 16 Channel Walkie Talkie

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Motoplus Walkie Talkie TC688

HIET IT-91 Walkie Talkie

HIET IT-58 walkie talkie

Vertex Standard VX-351 Portable Radio

Kirisun PT-558S Two Way 16 CH 1200 mAh Battery Radio

BAOFENG UV 82 VHF/UHF Dual-Band FM Ham Walkie Talkie Two-way radio


Baofeng BF-888 Black

KENWOOD TK-3207G UHF FM Portable Radios

Kenwood TK-3107 UHF Handheld Walkie-Talkie Two Way Radio

Motocom MC-328 Walkie Talkie

Motocom MC 500 Dust Proof Handset Radio Walkie-Talkie

About Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie Price in Bangladesh: Buy Walkie Talkie In Dhaka – The Ultimate Guide

Are you in the market for a walkie-talkie? If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to communicate with your team or friends, then you’re in luck. Walkie-talkies are becoming more popular and accessible than ever, especially in Bangladesh. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about walkie-talkie prices in Bangladesh, from different types of walkie-talkies to where to find the best deals. So, let’s get started!

Where to Buy Walkie-Talkies in Bangladesh?

You can contact us for walkie-talkies. Since 2013 we have been helping various government offices, police, reb, army, navy, fire service, and various private industries, factories such as PRAN-RFL Group, Hamim Group, ACI Limited, Navana Group, etc. to Purchase & import walkie-talkies.

What are Walkie Talkies?

Walkie-talkies are portable two-way radios that allow people to communicate wirelessly over short distances. They are commonly used in various fields such as construction, security, hospitality, and outdoor activities. Walkie-talkies can be used in situations where mobile phones may not be available or practical. They typically operate on a set of frequencies and are designed to be simple and user-friendly.

Types of Walkie Talkies:

There are different types of walkie-talkies, each with its own features and specifications. The two main types are:

Analog Walkie Talkies:

Analog walkie-talkies have been around for many years and are the traditional type. They operate on analog frequencies and are generally cheaper than digital walkie-talkies. However, they may have a limited range and be more susceptible to interference.

Digital Walkie Talkies:

Digital walkie-talkies are more modern and advanced. They operate on digital frequencies and are known for their clearer sound quality and longer range. They are more expensive than analog walkie-talkies but offer more features and benefits.

Walkie Talkie Brands in Bangladesh

There are many walkie-talkie brands available in Bangladesh, each with its own range of products and prices. Some of the popular brands include:

  • Motorola
  • Motolink
  • Motokom
  • Motoplus
  • KST
  • HIET
  • Kenwood
  • Baofeng
  • Vertex Stander
  • Keisun

These brands offer a variety of walkie-talkies with different features and specifications. It’s important to research each brand and product before making a purchase to ensure that it meets your requirements.

Walkie-Talkie Price Range in Bangladesh

Walkie-talkie prices in Bangladesh vary depending on the brand, type, and features. Generally, analog walkie-talkies are cheaper than digital walkie-talkies. Prices can range from as low as BDT 2,500 for basic analog walkie-talkies to BDT 40,000 or more for advanced digital walkie-talkies.

Factors that Affect Walkie Talkie Prices

Several factors can affect walkie-talkie prices in Bangladesh, including:

  • Brand
  • Type (analog or digital)
  • Range
  • Features (such as weather resistance, noise cancelling, and emergency alerts)
  • Battery life
  • Accessories (such as earpieces, microphones, and antennas)

It’s essential to consider these factors before purchasing a walkie-talkie to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Tips for Buying Walkie Talkies

Here is a complete guide on how you can buy walkie talkies with BTRC approval


PMR is the short form of Public Mobile Radio Service. According to ITU regulation and NFAP, PMR band HF (3-30 MHZ) and VHF (30-300MHz) are reserved for walkie-talkies. Besides this, for Citizen Band 26-27MHz and for Short Business Radio (SBR) 245 -246 MHz frequencies are used on a shared basis.     

Information for Application of New Frequency Assignment for PMR

1.    This application information is a general guideline for the application to get a new frequency assignment:

2.    One has to submit an application to the Commission for the assignment of spectrum in a prescribed application form duly filled up along with the payment of spectrum allotment fees and inclusion of necessary papers. The prayer is then reviewed on the basis of NFAP as per Section 56 (1) of the Bangladesh Telecommunication ACT 2001. Thereafter, it is placed except for the unlicensed band to the Spectrum Management Committee for their opinion. The SMC comprises 16 members from the university, concerned security agencies of the government, concerned ministry, and representatives from BTRC. The Commissioner of the Spectrum Division and Director of the Spectrum Management Directorate are respectively the convener and member secretary of the committee. It is worth mentioning that the sole responsibility of assigning spectrum belongs to the commission. According to the decision of the commission, the spectrum is assigned to the applicant. Four SMC meetings took place in a year and several important decisions regarding spectrum allocation were made in course of those meetings.

3.    Unless otherwise indicated, all sections in the application form must be completed together with the supporting affidavits. The completed application form and any supporting documents required should be sent to the Commission. The application form and all supporting documents will be in English. In the event that any document is in another language, then an English translation, certified as to its accuracy by a duly qualified translator, will be provided together with a copy of the document in the original language. All copies of original documents e.g. certificates of incorporation will be certified as true copies by a Notary Public. Such Notary Public may be admitted in Bangladesh.

4.    The application will be made and signed only by the applicant or the applicant’s authorized personnel. The Commission reserves the right to reject the application if it is found that the information or documents provided in this application are untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete.

5.    Each applicant is required to pay taka 500.00 as a charge for the application form. One has to apply and then collect the prescribed application form available in the office of the Commission.

6.    During the submission of the application with all supporting documents, the applicant is required to pay a non-refundable evaluation fee of taka 5,000.00 for each application or case for purpose of covering the Commission’s costs of processing the application.

7.    The assignment of the frequency shall be conditional on the payment of the spectrum charges for the first year and other relevant fees specified by the Commission.

8.    The application form charge, evaluation fee, and other fees payable in connection with the application and the license shall be paid through a crossed A/C Payee Cheque. In favor of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. All payments must be made in Taka within the due date for payment.

9.    Approval of the application will be at the sole discretion of the Commission, which reserves the right either to accept or reject any application submitted. In the case of an unsuccessful application, the Commission shall inform the applicant the reasons as to why its application was unsuccessful.

10.  Required Documents :

The applicant will submit an application to the chairman, BTRC in his organization’s Letter Head Pad along with the attested copies of the following documents:

  • Prescribed Application Form.
  • TIN Certificate.
  • General Specification of the radio equipments .
  • Application fee Tk. 500.00 and Application processing fee Tk. 5000.00 with 15% VAT is supposed to be deposited in favor of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission by pay order/DD.