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RH-AUDIO specializes in research and development, production and sales of digital network audio systems and other products of high-tech industrial companies, headquartered in China’s three major cities One of the Guangzhou. Since the establishment of the company, uphold innovation and create value for customers for the business philosophy, so that products can be adapted to the maximum technological development and changes in business development needs.

After the years of efforts, the competitiveness of a comprehensive upgrade, successively through the “China Compulsory” 3 C certification “” and “European” CE certification “,” US “FCC certification”, “environmental protection” ROHS certification “”, “ISO9001 quality system Certification, “” ISO14001 environmental management system certification “,” “OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification”, “China Quality” CQC certification “”, “national AAA grade credit enterprise certificate”, a number of “national invention patent And utility model patent certificate “and other qualifications and honor for.

RH-AUDIO brand product series are: digital network audio system, intelligent broadcasting system, emergency fire broadcasting system, campus network broadcasting system, teaching sound reinforcement system, public broadcasting speaker series, conference system, professional sound reinforcement system and a series of ancillary equipment. Products can be widely used in sports venues, convention centers, hotels, airports, schools, supermarkets, parks, saunas, stations, factories, living quarters and other public places.

Companies continue to improve the marketing management system and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. In the domestic major and medium-sized cities to establish a marketing network and service system in a timely manner to provide quality technical support and after-sales service, the international market also has a strong brand awareness, the products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe and the United States market, advanced products Nature, practicality, stability, quality and technology by the majority of merchants recognized and favored.

IP Network PoE Speaker RH603PE

Garden BGM System Speaker with Light

Outdoor Commercial Speakers Conch Shaped

Professional Sound Amplifier

Digital Timing Player RH2805M

Digital FM/AM Tuner RH2813RF


PA System Pendant Speaker RH-SL01

Hanging Spherical Speaker RH-SL18

PA System Alarm Matrix RH2819A

10 Zone Speaker Selector RH2813D

16 Zone Paging Selector RH2816PT

10 Zone Paging Selector RH2810P

16 Channel Digital Audio Matrix RH2816S

5 Mic Input Preamp

Audio Preamplifier with Chime Tone

High Power Audio Amplifier

100 Volt Line Power Amplifier

Public Address System 4 Channel Amplifier

PA Sound System Two Channel 100V Amplifier

1000W 2000W Amplifier of Paging System

Rack Mount Power Amplifier 350W 450W 650W

6-Zone USB/SD/FM/BT 100V PA Amps

6-Zone Integrated Mixing Amplifier

Multiple Zone Amplifier with Audio Source

BGM 6 Zoning Amplifier

USB/FM/BT Mixer Amplifier

100v Line Mixing Amplifier

PA System BT/MP3/FM Mixer Amplifier

PA System Mixer Amplifier

2.4G MP3 FM Bluetooth Digital Class-D Amplifier

MP3 FM Bluetooth Digital Class-D Amplifier

Audio Engineering Speakers for Sound Reinforcement

Two Way Voice Alarm Speakers

Fashionable Voice Evacuation System Speaker RH-MS85

Two Way Sound Reinforcement Speaker

100 Volt Best Commercial Speaker 10W

Surface Mount Wall Speaker RH-MS19

70 Volt Speaker for Commercial Music System RH-MS15

5W 10W Wall Mounted Loudspeaker RH-MS18H

10W Wall Mount Speaker RH-MS18

Wall Commercial Loudspeaker of Public Address System

6inch Full Range Fireproof Speaker with Back Cover RH-T64

70V 100V In-ceiling Speaker RH-TH81 for PA System

Coaxial In-ceiling 6inch Speaker RH-TH61

5inch Coaxial 100V Loudspeaker RH-TH51

Two-way Hi-Fi Coaxial Speaker RH-TH26

4inch Compact Metal 6W Speaker In Ceiling RH-T41

6inch Dual-cone Dynamic Ceiling Speaker RH-T13

Commercial PA System Speaker Horn 100W

50W Fire Evacuation System Loudspeaker RH-HS48

30W Best Commercial Speakers Waterproof

Voice Fire Alarm Loudspeaker Outdoor

30W Waterproof Horn Speaker RH-HS43

15W Emergency Evacuation Speaker RH-HS34

Waterproof Public Address Loudspeaker

All-weather High Power Speaker for Outdoor and Indoor

Multiple Power Selection Column Loudspeaker

100V Voltage Weatherproof Speaker for Voice Announcement

Indoor Column BGM Speaker

Waterproof Bidirectional Sound Projection Speaker RH-CH32

Outdoor Unidirectional Sound Projector Speaker RH-CH31

Desktop Paging Microphone RH300MC

Amplified Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker

2.4G Wireless Speaker with Built-in Amplifier

Multimedia Powered Speaker RH619W

Fashion Active Speaker RH609W

Desktop Paging Chime Microphone RH301MC

Remote Multiple Zone Microphone with 10 Zone

IP Speakers RH6030 & RH6060

IP Based PA System Server RH8100

IP Based Speaker RH5010

IP Based Amplifiers

IP Based Remote Microphone RH8310