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About FaceID

FaceID Bangladesh is the sole Bangladesh distributor of FaceID products in the Bangladesh. The company has been set up to meet the rising demand for biometric face recognition solutions in the Bangladesh. Our presence in Bangladesh as FaceID Branch office, which will allow us to work much more closely with our customers.
Hanvon has been in the field of biometric technology since 1985, and its biometrics division now focuses on face recognition, due to its inherent advantages over other technologies.
A pioneer in the commercial biometrics industry, Hanvon developed the world’s first embedded facial recognition system – FaceID – which now has over 100,000 successful installations worldwide.
Hanvon is an innovator in the face recognition market, with the dual optical/infrared cameras providing near 3D imaging and superior performance in varying lighting conditions. Hanvon’s patented super-fast embedded face recognition algorithm is considered to be probably the fastest available, and FaceID is recognised as one of the best performing systems in all industry sectors, including government, healthcare, retail, industrial, finance, transportation and education

FaceID M2000 attendance and access control

FaceID F910 attendance and access control

FaceID F710X attendance and access control

FaceID M500 attendance and access control

FaceID FA600 attendance and access control

FaceID FA200 attendance and access control

FaceID FA100 attendance and access control