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PABX System & IP Phone System

Private branch exchange system (PBX) works as a getaway for telephone lines. Big business companies use PABX for communicating outside of the world. It is centralized telephone command which reach instantly to desire extension. It provides opportunity to use single business number for all of the employees. PABX connects to global telephone lines, use satellite communication network and others. It is alternative to multiple use of cellular networks. It divert phone called through a single line to desire extension. Multiple companies can use same PABX network because it provides sharing facilities. But range of PABX depends on it’s model, cost, and version. An standard PABX system offers user to add or delete any function but it needs massive reconfiguration which is costly and task of skilled technician. Key advantage of PABX system is, it allow multiple users to use a single number. Secondly, it reduces the communication complexities into a big office because it is handy and easy to receive or divert call to desire extension. Thirdly, it provides opportunity to record all of the incoming and outgoing calls. Fourthly, sending messages and transferring calls between extension. Finally, voice conferencing opportunity which can connect employees at a time. Cost for installing a standard PBX system is 2000$ per user which does not include everyday maintenance cost. A full PBX set includes a telephone line, computer, internal cable line, and a switching station where an operator needs for physical maintenance. Currently, analogue PBX technology has been converted into IP based PABX system.

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