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UTTARA CLUB LIMITED is  traces its roots to February of 1992 when a few residents of Uttara area met at a House to discuss about the formation of a club styled ‘Uttara Club Limited’.
When Uttara had developed into a fairly populated community, with almost all the amenities of urban neighborhood, people were thinking seriously of setting up a community club.
That was the day of March 20 in 1992, thirty three persons had sat with vision to establish the community club forming the first Executive Committee (EC) of the club under the leadership of first UCL President A Matin Khan.
The Uttara Club Limited (UCL) is a private Social club that provides a wide range of services to its members and their guests. The club celebrates the customs of its community traditions while offering the facilities and amenities needed to satisfy the same thinking people.
It is valued by its members as a showplace of timeless elegance and prestige and recognized for its exceptional atmosphere.
The UCL is one of the state of art clubs in the region, stands at own premises covering around 1.5 acres of land in the sector 1 of Uttara residential area in the capital, has become a networking hub to 1376 members including 48 foreign national members.
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