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Horion M3A interactive flat panel

Touch Writing

Intelligent handwriting algorithm, refined strokes to deliver amazing writing experience.
Write by fingers and pens single-point/multi-point precision writing modes
Single-point/multi-point precision writing modes erase with the back of the hand, select to delete, or clear the screen with one simple click

20 Touch Points

20-point touch writing, multi-person collaborative writing, enhancing classroom participation

Diversified Display

Multiple graphics: support to insert rectangles, circles, triangles, etc.
Drawing graphics with ruler and compass:
one-click to call out the drawing tools, like triangle plate, compass, etc

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Teachers can control the panel by mobile phones or computers remotely, supporting common document file formats(docx., xlsx, pdf, mp3, mp4, etc.)

Easy annotation at any channel

Annotation is available at any channel. It can be inserted into the whiteboard, saved and printed, etc., highlighting the key points for students

High-quality carbon steel is safe and stable

Selected high-quality carbon steel, which is stable, durable, anti-rust and anti-crushing

Flowing water design and oriental aesthetics

The design concept comes from the high mountains and flowing water and a waterfall flying straight down forms a stand shape.ith the frame lines being like flowing water and the stand being stable as the earth, it not only has a sense of design, but also the charm of orientalaesthetics.

Rotate and move at will and freely

You will attend the conference wherever you are