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Horion M5A Smart Interactive Flat Panel 65M5A PRO 65-inch Super Interactive Flat Panel


Screen Size : 65 inch touch screen
Panel Technology : D-LED
Resolution : 3840 x 2160
Brightness : 400 cd/m²
OS : Android 9.0
Ram : 8 GB
Memory : 64 GB
Internal Bluetooth : Yes
Internal WIFI : Yes


UI 4K picture quality

3840×2160 Ultra-high resolution

178° Wide visual angle

4K UI Ultra-wide color gamut

4K UHD screen + 4K user interface, finer display effect, outstanding fine quality of images, texts, and videos, surpass screens of conventional displays, providing vivid sight with every tiny part well presented

Operate smoothly Instant response

8GB RAM , 64GB Storage capacity

Picture with more than doubled quality In addition to the memory

Because of its large storage of high speed, instant response supports page loading without delay, with smooth operation available at any time for any larger software

13M pixel camera Clear enough for meetings at various scales

Advanced ISP processing technology and algorithm presenting clear and real UHD videos and compatible with various video conference software such as Ding Talk and Tencent Meeting provide solutions for remote talking with high quality

NFC screen mirroring Extremely simple interaction

New NFC upgrade Implement an appropriate efficiency

One-touch for writing demonstration and one-touch for screen mirroring demonstration bring an incredibly interactive experience

Evoke the whiteboard with one click of the smartpen

The touch between the smartpen and the NFC label on the display can evoke the whiteboard instantly, with the next touch returning to the previous interface.

Smart Whiteboard

Writing a comment erase zoom in and out scanning and take away easy and convenient

More Funtion


Intelligent flying mouse

Smart form

Handwriting recognition

Smart Whiteboard