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One day I was walking through the fuller road and a car accident happened just in front of me. A motor cycle crushed with a yellow private car, it was racing very fast without considering speed limit.

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Motorcycle driver injured seriously, every witnesses understood without any doubt that yellow private car driver is responsible for this fatal accident. Now it demands to catch him immediately. Car driver was tricky  because massive jam waiting in front of him so he could not hide himself anywhere, so suddenly he changed his lane and tried to escape from the scene through palasi intersection.

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Standing police officer opened his walki talki and inform all three possible outgoing root stationed officer to catch yellow private car. In this way, car driver fall into a trap and easily he was caught by police. So walki talki is a helpful communication device for law enforcing agency.

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Especially those who are working on the ground. Beside security forces every government agency like customs department, railway department, anti corruption commission, and income tax department is highly dependent on walki talki. Every year millions of walki talki sell to the private security agency. Now most of the multi national company office and big and medium size corporate office dependent on private security agencies.

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Walki talki is a crucial device for transmitting instant voice order under a big corporate office. Internal command and control of a big office is  done through walki talki. Price of walki talki depends on various factor like brand, model, feature and country of origin. A good walki talki is determined by brand name, radio frequency range, duration of charge and number of simultaneous connected device. We will present different  format of walki talki device based on brand name, model, frequency range and price. Walki talki is completely free and secure communication device. It ensures full privacy of users.

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