It’s the part of the bargain: Android Q is currently called “Android 10.”

Google declared in a blog entry it’s dumping Android’s pastry names (Pie, Oreo, Nougat, and so forth.) for numbers. In that capacity, Android Q, which turns out “in the coming weeks,” is currently just Android 10.

The name change finishes over a time of sweet names for its portable working framework.

Be that as it may, why the change? Google says, while treat names were fun, they “weren’t constantly comprehended by everybody in the worldwide network.”

The tech monster says sweet names aren’t as comprehensive as numerals for various reasons: various societies where a specific pastry may not notable, challenges for non-English talking clients to articulate names, and disarray for new Android clients who may not know which form they have on their device(s).

“For instance, L and R are not recognizable when communicated in certain dialects,” says Google. “So when a few people heard us state Android Lollipop for all to hear, it wasn’t instinctively evident that it alluded to the variant after KitKat.”

Numbers are more obvious. For instance, everybody can comprehend that Android 11 comes after Android 10.

Another naming show isn’t the main thing Google’s changed for Android. Google’s cleaned up its own “Robot” text style with rounder glyphs and changed Andy, the Android logo, marginally by moving its eyes lower, stretching its reception apparatuses, and changing to a darker green.