Uber has suspended several client accounts in Mexico, in the wake of finding two of its drivers had shipped a traveler contaminated with coronavirus.

The organization said it had suspended 240 traveler accounts, just as the two drivers, just on the off chance that the drivers had gotten the infection and passed it on.

It said none of them had built up any side effects, however it would keep on observing the circumstance.

The influenced travelers won’t have the option to utilize Uber for about fourteen days.

Mexico’s Ministry of Health said a traveler “of Chinese birthplace” had taken a departure from Los Angeles to Mexico City on 20 January.

The man at that point visited vacation spots, galleries and shops in Mexico City, for two days.

He began feeling sick on the night of 21 January, and the following day returned a Uber to the air terminal.

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At the point when he landed back in the United States he was tried positive for coronavirus.

At present, there have been no affirmed coronavirus diseases in Mexico.

In any case, it can take around about fourteen days for side effects to create.

Uber said it had suspended the drivers and the 240 travelers who had been in their vehicles after the contaminated traveler, as a safeguard.

It said it had likewise sent them data about where to get social insurance data.

Mexico’s Ministry of Health said it was observing the circumstance.

It said officials had likewise visited the Hilton Mexico City Reforma inn, where the tainted man had stayed, to mind staff.

It cautioned that the man would have been irresistible, yet no inn staff have created manifestations yet.